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Holy Prophet peace be upon him had thirteen wives. All of them were awarded with the title of “Ummul Mu’mineen”.  All of them were pious and cooperative to the mission of Holy Prophet peace be upon him.


Hazrat Khadija (may Allah be pleased with him) was first wife of Muhammad peace be upon him. She was his only wife for twenty five years. She wa an educated lady of a noble family and a flourishing business-woman in Mecca. Khadija was daughter of Khalid bin Asad, who shard an ancestory with Prophet peace be up[on him. Her first marriage was to Atiq Makhzoomi, from whom she had one daughter named Hind. Her second marriage was to Abu Hala from whom she had a son Hala and a daughter Aenda. The Holy Prophet was about fifty years of age, when Khadija died.


A few months after Khadija’s death, Holy Prophet married Sauda, daughter of Zama, who was a widow, had an issue from her former husband and was the only muslim in her whole family, which had turned against her and she thus required protection and help. On the advice of some of his companions, the Holy Prophet married Sauda and took her under his own protection.


Ayesha daughter of Abu Bakr was the only virgin whom the Holy Prophet peace be upon him married, shortly before the Hijrat to fulfill the wish of his dearest friend Abu Bakr. Aysha was an exceptionally intelligent and talented lady. She had an excellent memory and was very eloquent. She is the narrator of as many as 2210 Ahadis. She was considered to be an authority on the life of Holy Prophet peace be upon him and on the meaning and interpretation of the Holy Quran. Many eminent companions of holy Prophet, both male and female, came to seek her guidance on intricate religious matters. It was Ayesha who testified to the sublimity of the morals of Holy prophet by telling a questioner “Kana Kuluquhul Quran” i.e. his morals are the Quran. The major portion of the material about the religious matters relating to women was with her. She survived the Holy Prophet by some 48 years.


Hafsa, daughter of Umar Farooq (may Allah be pleased with him), became a widow when her husband Khunais, fell a martyr at the battle of Badr. In accordance with the wishes of her father, Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), the Holy Prophet married Hafsa. She is the narrator of some 60 Ahadis. 


The Holy Prophet peace be upon him married Zainab, daughter of Khuzaima, in similar circumstances her husband Abdullah, son of Jahash fell a martyr at the battle of Uhud. She was very pious and Alms-giving lady, who always helped the poor and needy and earned the title of “Ummul Masakin”. She expired in 4 A.H. during the life time of Holy Prophet.


Another martyr of battle of Uhud was Abu-Salma, who was one of the early converts to Islam and one of those who emigrated to Abyssinia. When Abu-Salma, the Holy Prophet peace be upon him married his widow, Ummi-Salma. She used to instruct muslim women in religious matters and the narrator of some 378 Ahadis. She lived to the ripe old age of 80 or 84 years.


Zainab daughter of Jahash, was the cousin of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him through his aunt, Umaima, daughter of Abdul Muttalib. Zainab was married to Zaid bin Haris, a freedman, whom the Holy Prophet had brought up as a son. She and her brother were not agreeable to this marriage, but bowed before the wishes of Holy Prophet. This marriage was celebrated in Mecca eight years before Hijrat. The marriage proved a failure, and, much against the advice and wishes of Holy Prophet peace be upon him, Zaid divorced Zainab. After the Iddat was over, the Holy Prophet peace be upon him married Zainab in accordance with her own wish and the wishes of her family, in order to assuage her injured feelings and console her by raising her to the status of the mother of believers. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) had also to show with his own conduct and example that as declared by Allah that an adopted son is not a real son. Zainab was the only divorcee married by the Holy Prophet peace  be upon him.  


In the Ghazwa Bani Mustalaq, Barra, the daughter of the cheif of the tribe, who was a widow became a prisoner of war. The companions advised the Holy Prophet peace be upon him that, as she was daughter of chief of tribe, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) should take her and marry her. She was given the name of Juwaria by Holy Prophet peace be upon him.


Ummi-Habiba was the daughter of Abu-Sufian. She was also one of the consorts who quenched the thirst of knowledge of Muslim women. She is the narrator of some 65 Ahadis. She died at the age of 73.


Maria Qibtiya was sent to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a present by the ruler of Egypt, and she gave birth to the Holy Prophet's last son, Ibrahim.


Safiya , was the daughter of Hayyi bin Akhtab, Chief of the Banu Quraiza tribe. She was a widow and became a prisoner of war at the time of battle of Khaiber. She died at the age of sixty. She is the narrator of some 10 Ahadis.


Hazrat Rehena, daughter of Zaid, belong to Banu Quraiza. When her tribe capitulated, she became a captive. The set her free and there after married her. She died during the Holy Prophet (PBUH) life time.


The Holy Prophet's (PBUH) last marriage, in 7AH was with Maimuna, daughter of Haris, who was a widow. She is the narrator of some 76 Ahadis. She died in 51AH.